Internet headaches

Something happened to my internet connection in the past week. First there were sporadic power outages, then some high winds and then….my connection speed took a nose dive. I went from an RSSI of 70 to one of 50 (and they boot you off the tower at 60 because you are dragging everyone else down). My error rate went from 35% to 49%. My connection is now moody. Sometimes it is in an upload mood, letting me upload things like this post or photos. But if it is in an upload mood, no downloading is allowed, and vice versa.

This is not good.

I have broadband internet and due to topography issues my signal comes from a 4 ft antenna at the top of a 50ft pole on my roof. So if the problem is not with the router in the house, then it is with the cable coming from the antenna or the antenna itself. Meaning the pole has to be collapsed as much as it can be and taken down, things replaced and then the pole gets hoisted back up and extended. (My house is underground so while it is a PITA to undertake, it is not actually that dangerous because you are on the ground even though you are on my roof, though the weight of the antenna does put such a bend in the extended pole until it is tied down I do freak about it just snapping in two and killing someone standing under it).

The fun part is that due to topography, there is no way of knowing if what you replaced actually fixed the problem until the pole is back up & extended. So if it didn’t work, the pole has to come BACK DOWN again, other things replaced, repeat.

Sunday DH took the pole down, replaced some things and together we put the pole back up (yes he needs me to get his pole up.  I have to hold it while he pulls on it to get it long enough to the job. *insert other pole related innuendos here*)

But it failed to fix the problem. We’re still at an RSSI of 50 and no clue why.  It was freezing out and the game was starting and I’m not sure there is anything left to replace, so the pole remained up. I appear to be in upload mode at the moment, judging from the time it takes web pages to load, so I am going to post this while I can.

I hope we can get this fixed soon. I had speed test site mock me Saturday "What? Are you on dialup or something? It is the 21st century you know." 

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