2008 Project 365 book arrived

I received my book from Blurb yesterday.  It is really very nicely put together.

Here are some photos, but let me warn you they don’t do the book print quality justice.  The lighting in the house sucks because it’s morning. We don’t get full sun on our main windows in winter until about 3:30pm.

Here is the cover. I ordered a 10×8 landscape book with Image Wrap cover, the photo is printed on the cover itself.


It’s 158 pages


Couple of shots from the actual pages



I paid extra for the Premium Paper which is 35% heavier than the regular (hoping it will stand up to the boys). It has a silk finish, which gives it a matte appearance but a nicer feel. I would have preferred glossy paper, but the hardcover Image Wrap Style doesn’t come in glossy. The hardcover with dust jacket does, but a dust jacket wouldn’t last 8 seconds with the boys around. Softcover comes in glossy too, but again…boys…

They love the book. They both have gone through it several times already.

I’m working this years 365 Project a little differently than last years. I’m going to try to do a layout a week with all the photos. I found the idea of doing that last year daunting on top of just remembering to take & edit photos. Blurb offers a square photo book & you can assemble as the weeks go with the software & I really like that convenience, so I will probably be ordering next year’s book from them as well.

I recommend Blurb. They are good quality & good completion time.

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