I’ve been busy

I’ve been scrapping a lot this week.

But I can’t show you what I have been doing yet.

I can say that Traci Reed has something great coming this weekend at SSD and Kim Hill has some really nice stuff coming to Scrapbook Elements at the end of the month.

I’ve also gone through my crochet patterns & have some holiday ones in the works. Right now I am crocheting fruit & veggies to sit in my fruit bowl now that fresh local fruit season is over. I also have a snowman in a couple different sizes to do and I am making little poppets, one of each of us, for xmas tree ornaments. though I am still deciding on how to do the hair. And of course Mayhem is still nagging me about the crochet dinosaurs he wants.

I’ve sorted through the toddler bedsheets for the quilts, the ones I made, the ones I bought, plus the additional kiddie fabric I bought intending to make into sheets. I’m going to go with large patchwork squares, strip pieced together, which should go fairly quickly & let the boys pick their edge colors. I may just sew the top to a large fleece rather than do the quilt layers.

Of course I can’t do any of it until DH gets rid of all the hardware he has piled up on my sewing & cutting tables in the junk room.

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9 comments to I’ve been busy

  • Mary

    Aww sewing I’d love to make some of those adorable baby wraps I’m trying to convince the Pshch here to make me 2 both unisex, LOL
    Good luck gettng the space back ;)

  • 2TooManyHats

    You have been busy. Sounds like some fun crocheting projects. You must post a pic of the quilts you are making for the boys.

  • Monique

    lol, those hubbys sure know how to pile stuff onto our work areas huh? Drives me nuts some days!

    Have fun crafting!

  • Michelle

    How fun to crochet huh?! I am a knitter and I make scarves. I have done a lot of them as gifts this year to cut back on gift spending. I enjoyed reading your blog.

  • Charming Lamb

    I’m dying to hear an update on your new camera. That same one is on my Santa list!

    Do you do digital scrapbooking? I think I’d really like to learn how. I have PS2, but I have yet to learn how to use it. It seems so complicated and I’m actually pretty computer savvy.

  • DorĂ©

    You are so crafty!! I wasn’t blessed with those genes. I can’t wait to see what you have been scrapping lately.

  • Creative Junkie

    Other than writing my blog, I haven’t done ANYTHING creative in so long! I feel like I’m in a creative funk … just not inspired. I’m hoping the holidays get me going again.

  • Heather B.

    Ohh I cant wait to see! Have fun!!!

  • Heather (How to be a Woman..?)

    How awesome! I’m re-learning how to sew and crochet, and learning for the first time how to knit. Hopefully I’ll have cool stuff to show for it just like you!

    I love “fake” fruit. There’s just something fun about it. Good for you!