Common Sense vs Vanity

I am at heart a practical person. I have my vain moments & a quick glance at my shoe shelf will reveal that I own a number of very impractical pairs, but by & large common sense tends to win out over vanity. It has always had, at bare minimum, a 50-50 chance of coming out ahead, even during the worst of my 1980’s excesses (and I was 13 in 1980, so I got to experience the whole glorious decade in full).  Commons sense said that one really wide belt was sufficient, even if everyone else was wearing 3 at once. So was one necklace and perhaps 2 layered shirts instead of a Mr T starter kit and 4 shirts in varying states of coverage.  However, there were bad perms a plenty in the 80’s and some truly huge amounts of teasing and Aqua Net went into my hair. But those choices were as much common sense as vanity.  I didn’t think my hair looked particularly stunning with 5 inch tall bangs and wings out so far they made taking off a t-shirt impossible, but it was the look. No one just had, you know, hair.  Hair that just sort of hung there, washed and ready to go. Common sense said hair required lots of work in the 80’s.   Then the 90’s came in with the grunge look and common sense said "really?!? You can just let it go?!? Awesome!"

Ever since 1990 common sense has been slowly gaining ground over vanity. I had my last perm in 1992. I had my last permanent hair coloring in 2001. I had my last highlights done in 2004.  Most of my shoes are realistic for my child chasing lifestyle & budget. I am well aware that this time around, leggings are not for me & however cute that tiny tee shirt is, it is completely wrong for my body shape. There is a 75% chance these days that common sense will quell the pleas of vanity.

Commons Sense:"Yep, that’s a wonderful dress. Perfect color, great shape. YOu do look nice in it. Where are you going to wear it? Do you have shoes for it? Seems a bit much for a night out with the kids at Chilis. When was the last wedding you were invited too? When was the last date night to a really nice restaurant (because you can’t afford it AND a babysitter) Dancing??  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Seriously. Where are you going to wear that dress? You have better uses for $100"

Vanity: sulks and puts the dress back but consoles itself with a $15 shirt

Lately vanity has been thinking about hair color. Common sense usually stomps on that pretty quickly by shouting "DAMAGE!!! HORRIBLE DAMAGE" and vanity cannot deny that in the long run hair coloring always ends up with washed out fuzzy hair, so vanity drops the issue & consoles itself with some pretty hair clips.

But it’s October. Vanity for some reason, gains strength in October when it comes to hair color. Vanity actually had me standing in the hair coloring aisle of CVS this morning, staring longingly at all the pretty red-brown hair dye.  Common sense was catching up from behind.

Vanity: Look at the beautiful colors!!!

Common Sense: Have you ever been happy, really happy, with a color from a box? Honestly?

V: I always like the colors

CS: For 2 weeks tops. Put the Crushed Garnets down.

V: Sometimes longer. Anyway it’s been years. There have been advances.

CS: No there haven’t. Not in boxes. Put the Auburn Espresso down. Maybe in salon color but it always ends up the same . Fuzzy brassy washed out hair.

V: I do have time now. I could go to a salon. Remember how pretty my hair was in 2002?

CS: You have no money. Put the Mocha Raspberry Glow down. Yes, your hair was pretty for a few months that time, but remember how it looked when Havoc was born & you couldn’t afford to keep it up? Brassy, washed out. Fuzzy.

V: See it says new improved formula

CS: You choose NOW to believe marketing ploys? Put the Rad Red Brown down. It always ends in tears. Why are you doing this?

V: It’s fall! Look how pretty the trees are with their red, gold & brown leaves!

CS: You are not a tree. Put the Medium Auburn Brown down. You have mouse brown hair with gold undertones. You do not now, nor have you ever had red hair. You are always ultimately unhappy with the results of reddish dye.

V: (fingering a bit of ponytail) I hate this part.

CS: ah yes, the huge brassy highlights left over from the last time you failed to listen to me. Put the Dark Rich Auburn down. If you hate it so much cut it off.  A missing 2 inch chunk of hair will look no worse than faded brassy fuzzy hair & it will grow back, unlike the dye, which you will be stuck with until you cut it out.

V: *sulks* Maybe you are right about the red. Maybe just a brown would be better

CS: (seeing victory escaping as I head to the check out) No it won’t! It’s still dye. FUZZY!!! You will have fuzzy hair inside a week!! At the very least get temporary dye.

V: No, then it really will look washed out in a couple weeks and we won’t know who is right

(yeah, vanity’s logic is amazing isn’t it)

I bought the box of permanent Rich Brown L’Oreal hair color and common sense fought a valiant rear guard action the whole way home, which mostly consisted of shouting FUZZY! and bringing to mind images of all the fuzzy hair I have ever had as a result of hair dye.

Right now we are at impasse. The dye sits on my counter,with receipt, while I consider fuzzy hair and the possibilities of semi-permanent hair color. The thing is, common sense knows darn well I am unlikely to return the hair dye, it’s a long drive back into town & senseless to make just to return a $10 box of hair dye. It would have to wait until I was going into town for other errands. And the longer the dye stays in the house, the more likely vanity will win.

I’ll be interested to see how it turns out.

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21 comments to Common Sense vs Vanity

  • Lena

    You should definitely dye it! You are well worth $10 and it has caused you enough mental anguish to make it necessary at this point anyway, LOL!

    Something about fall always makes me want to dye my hair too…and I already have a fallish haircolor to begin with!

  • Colleen

    GO FOR IT! It’s not truly permanent, and it’ll make you feel good about yourself :)

  • Tracy

    DO IT!!! This coming from someone who is VERY jealous that you can do browns and reds. I have colored mine for so long that I can’t even go dark or it washes out the next day. If not for vanity or yourself…do it for the bleach blondes who have no way to have brown hair LOL!!!!

  • Kresta

    Hehe! This was really funny. I’m not one to dye my hair and usually not a huge fan of dye from a box in other people’s hair. But, do what you want to do! I’ll be interested to see “who” wins!

  • Barb

    Oh go for it! It’s only hair color and it HAS gotten better in the last few years!

  • Susanna

    Do it. You won’t regret it.

  • Aunt Becky

    I say dye away! And then post pictures.

  • Rachel

    Dye it! I love dying my hair (even though I haven’t done it in two years). IT will be fun and you can always use the super conditioners to fight the fuzz!

    This was a very funny post!!!

    Just so you know — I have an award waiting for you at my blog!

    Following In My Shoes

  • Maritzia

    Common sense has won for me for a couple of years now, but there’s no doubt that this time of year, Vanity talks to me loud and long.

    Still, I really want to grow old gracefully, and not be that 90 year old woman with the FUZZY strawberry blonde hair. Granted, I only have a dozen or so gray hairs staring at me at the moment, but I might as well start getting used to them now.

  • Paula Constable

    I love your humor. Fall is the time of the year that I think I need to buy new clothes. Spring does that to me, too. Something about change.

  • Jacinda

    LOL – this post could totally have been from my own blog! Me and common sense are more closely tied than I would wish sometimes. But saying that, DO IT. Dye your hair. I can’t wait to see some pics. You may have just inspired me to go buy that new top I’ve been wanting.

  • Helene

    I say go for it…dye your hair!! I don’t think it has much to do with vanity as it has to do with just doing something nice for YOU! We take care of our kids and our husbands and the household…it’s nice to finally let yourself do something for YOU that makes you feel good!!

  • Jade

    Dye it! Dye it!

    Curious to see how it’d look like.

  • Creative Junkie

    omg, I loved this post! You seriously made me laugh!

    Right now I’m in a similar struggle … my hair is so prematurely gray that if I don’t dye it every 4 weeks, I have a skunk tail on top of my head, as well as so much gray/white popping out all over.

    But a professional color is expensive! And the boxed ones are so cheap. But the boxed ones don’t do as good of a job! But the salon kills my bank account.

    And in the meantime, the gray just breeds.

  • Tess

    With everything going on these days, we need to let Vanity win a little more!

  • 2TooManyHats

    Being a common sense girl myself. I say, have some fun and dye it :) Keep us posted.

  • DorĂ©

    Go for it! You only live once, so if you want to color your hair, you should do it. After all, it’s only hair!! Think about the torture your hair went thru in the 80’s! This is nothing compared to that!!

  • Woman in Training

    I’m still snickering at “fuzzy brassy washed out hair”. Been there! But give it a try. It makes your hair thicker and shinier. Dyes these days are so much better.

  • Hannah Noel

    DO IT!!

    I’m seriously beginning to think that your common sense and my common sense have Tea Parties or some other kind of get-to-gether, because I have had that EXACT Same conversation in my head before. As a matter of fact, I’ve been debating dying my hair for a week or two now.

    You may have just inspired a new post on my blog lol

    THAT girl

  • Hannah Noel

    lol yep. you just inspired a post.

    THAT girl

    Go read it! =) (or dont… haha)

  • Deb

    okay, listen to me… this is my life right here in this one post of yours. i am lucky i even still have hair and my latest disaster was only a couple of short weeks ago. i will tell you this–that “color-oops” stuff really DOES work to remove the bad coloring decision you may make, but it also removes all other color ever put on your hair.

    i like the color you settled on. my hair is back to kind of a normal brown. it all started when i went for the “amber brown”… not realizing amber is code for red, which seems really weird since i thought amber was kind of yellow-y in real life.

    okay, on to your next post to see how this all pans out.