Common Sense vs Vanity – round 2

I have not dyed my hair yet.

Common sense & vanity have been distracted from the hair issue by something in my previous blog post. I knew when I wrote it that there was *something* odd about it, something about that post rang a tiny distant note in my brain. It took until Tuesday afternoon before that note was loud enough to be heard.  Wedding, it said. When was the last time you were invited to a wedding?..hhmmm….

Oh my god! I’m supposed to go to a wedding on Saturday and I have nothing to wear!!!!

Yeah, vanity has been much much too busy trying on every even slightly ‘nice’ item in my closet and fantasizing about wearing my purple, pointy toed, kitten heeled shoes to even think about hair. Common sense has been going on about budgets, a lack of wedding gift, squished toes and shooting pains up my calves & hasn’t even thought about hair.

Vanity and common sense agree that my summer ‘nice’ dresses are too summery & light for an outdoor (yes, outdoor. In West Virginia!) October wedding & reception and my ‘nice’ pants, matched with my ‘nice’ blouses scream BUSINESS MEETING and not wedding.  So perhaps a new skirt is called for. Or possibly even that old standby – the little black dress.

Because I don’t actually own one. Vanity has never been happy with the fit of any I can afford.

They also agree that I don’t need new shoes, but they are arguing over the really cute aforementioned purple shoes and the less interesting but more comfortable black, low heeled, square toe pumps. (I suspect one will be worn for awhile and then the other pair exchanged as the evening wears on)

So the box lingers on the counter while I go shopping for a skirt or dress…maybe a new purse to go with the shoes….

oh, and a wedding gift.

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17 comments to Common Sense vs Vanity – round 2

  • Jenni Jiggety

    Oooh! Shopping trip! If you buy the purple shoes I INSIST on seeing a picture!

  • Kresta

    I say go for a little black dress. Something nice but not too terribly fancy, so you can get plenty of wear out of it. As for a gift, do you have any friends that embroider? I have a few friends that do. Maybe you could pick up a few inexpensive towels or some other linens and have someone embroider them inexpensively for you. Roll them up in a cute but inexpensive basket and you have a nice gift. :)

  • Amanda

    I feel your pain. Go for the black dress!

  • 2TooManyHats

    Little black dress is always a good investment-that should help common sense out – they are so versatile. And now you must dye your hair for the wedding :)

  • Jennifer

    Little black dress sounds great. AND you can wear it w/ the purple shoes. Win win!

  • Nikki…I’m jealous..I’m currently the size of a small whale and just can’t get out and shop lol..have fun for us both :)

  • Farrah

    Shopping trip for you!! Get that black dress and purple shoes!!! They’ll look great together!

  • Hannah Noel

    you should totally wear the purple heels with a little black dress!! But be sure to wear a wrap, cause I bet it’s gonna be cold!!

  • Soccer Mom

    A couple of years ago we were invited to SIX weddings in one year. Plus, all the same people were going to be at ALL of the weddings, necessitating a different dress for each wedding. Yeah, THAT was fun…

    I hope you wear the purple shoes.

  • Minxy Mimi

    I agree. Black dress and purple shoes and some fun jewelry!!!
    Go have fun shopping!

  • Helene

    I agree…go for a little black dress! You can never go wrong with a sexy little black dress!!

  • Lena

    are you sure your gift to them can’t be that you looked hot at their wedding? I see those abs in the SJ forum…you totally deserve a cute little dress!

  • Aunt Becky

    Oh, how I long for a dress not made by a maternity line. I’m in a wedding on Saturday, and I’m taking one for the team as the requisite ugly bridesmaid.

  • Deb

    i say splurge on the shoes and wear them with the pants you already have.

    is the dye still safely in the box?

  • Tara @ Feels like home

    I hope you’ll show us what you choose!

  • MommaWannabe

    Get the Little black dress. Always handy!

    Oh and I so wanna see a picture of you with the whole get-uo including the dyed hair;)

  • Creative Junkie

    I honestly dread any wedding invitation because I have absolutely NOTHING appropriate for any kind of wedding in my closet and until/unless I lose 30+ pounds, I don’t want to shop for anything.