A Choice Has Been Made!

Holy crap!

Honest and for true. A choice has at long long last been made.

After 2 years and 1 day.

But here’s the thing.  You start this story thinking the choice is the end. That’s how it works. The story builds to a climax and then there is an Event or a Choice of some sort; the bad guy is defeated and the good guys live happily ever after.

Except happily ever only works in romance and then only about half the time.

So, while a Choice has been made, this story still ain’t over.

And what a Choice it was!

The Chosen One pondered long and hard about the situation with the renegade wizard and the Gang of 3 or 4 and then took 60 pages (!) to let it be known through out the land that the wizard owned up unto half of the kingdom and must be given full right and control of it and the Gang of 3 or 4 owned the other half.

The Wizard was pleased and immediately began scheming to bite off a chunk of the Gang of 3 or 4’s remaining territory. 

Because that is the sort of guy he is.

The Gang of 3 or 4 were not pleased and immediately began scheming to lay waste to the land in it’s entirety.  If they can’t have all of it, no one gets any of it.

Because that is the sort of guys they are.

The Wizard likes this plan because he claims he will take over the whole of the kingdom if they lay waste to it.

A Chosen One from a while back also likes the idea because he claims HE will take over the whole of the kingdom if they lay waste to it.

But he may not want it enough to duel with the Wizard, so who knows?

The Kinda Pissed Off Band of Adventurers would really like it if everyone involved would get their heads out of their asses, stop acting like a bunch of spiteful toddlers and start behaving like rulers of the damn kingdom already.

Because those zombies that have been hounding the various Chosen Ones through all this do not come cheap and the kingdom is almost entirely out of brains at this point.

Zoom In Zoom Out

a meme hosted by Helena


Football season is over so I am back to menu planning!

Which means there will be more grocery store zoom ins & outs!

Scrapbook Sunday

I’m still plugging away at Project Life.  I’ve found a rhythm for doing this.  It means I am regularly a few weeks behind but since I tend to be that anyway its no big deal. I am caught up with pages through September.  I have October’s photos chosen & my notes.  Now I am working on layout design & assembly.

Here are some highlights

week 27aweek 27bweek 29bweek 29aweek 31bweek 31aweek 33aweek 33bweek 39aweek 39b

The job is going…. well, it’s going.  I’m not exactly being given the work I was hired to do and I find that a bit annoying.  Especially as I see people hired after me are given that work.  But for now I am letting it go.  After Black Friday… well, that’s another story. I’m only guaranteed a job through the holiday season so I don’t really want to rock the boat as I want to be kept on regularly.  But doing what I was hired to do, not what they have me doing.

So I suppose we’ll see.

And customer service?  Sometimes it’s a lot like reading the comment section of news articles online.  Makes you wonder what the hell people are thinking.  Shakes your faith in humanity really, the things people feel empowered to say when they are not within slapping range.  But most of the people are okay & I like it mostly.  I’m not really a people person so getting back into that sort of headspace has been a challenge for me.

Not So Plucky

Perhaps you remember my fictional story about a plucky band of adventurers that were either dealing with a mafia don versus the Gang of 3 or 4 or maybe it was a renegade wizard & a college of wizards?

Storytelling Sunday

Ongoing Fictionalization

Maybe It’s Time

The Saga Continues

The first post was written back on Nov 4, 2012.

It is now nearly 2 years later and the story is still going on.  It’s really rather amazing that the adventurers haven’t just given up.

Granted they are now more of ‘meh’ band of adventurers than a plucky one. But after 2 long year a sort of fatalism begins to set in.

Last month a shiny new Chose One was appointed. (yes, appointed, no one is volunteering for the job anymore after seeing what happened to the last 3 Chosen Ones) and hope stirred in every breast that at long last…so long…so very long… please let it be the last… the matter would be resolved and either the renegade wizard would be destroyed or the Gang of 3 or 4 would be imprisoned.

The Chosen One was going to Make a Choice!

Honest and for true, a Choice would be made! A final, this can go no further, irrevocable Choice!

And then the plucky band of adventurers could start rebuilding what had been destroyed instead of barely maintaining what was left.

And there was much rejoicing! 

And the anticipation grew as they awaited the Choice.

As they watched the Chosen One closely for signs of Choosing or the Announcing of the Choice.

And they waited for the Choice in silence.

And they waited for the Choice in fear.

And they waited for the Choice in patience.

At least for the first 2 weeks.

After that cries of “Oh, this crap again” began to be heard throughout the land.


This is getting old.

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