Spring Break

A belated update.

Our Spring Break was the week before last, which was for the most part a week of decently nice weather.

We did some geocaching.

geocaching (1)092

Over the course of the week we looked for 10 caches and found 8. One of the two we didn’t find was a puzzle one and I really need to just give up on those when DH isn’t with us.

He’s the only one of us that can read a compass and map.

The puzzle resolution was to walk 320 feet from the starting coordinates (which we did find) at 114 degrees.

Yeah, I have no clue what that means. My best guess had us headed in the opposite direction of what the hint told us and logistically the only place where something could be hidden and remain that way.

The other one I think is just missing.

Both were at the neighboring county’s parks & rec field complex, where the boys have several baseball games in the coming weeks, so we will solve that puzzle next time we are down there.

Though we will have to put off looking in the area because we will be there on a Saturday while all 5 fields are in use and it would look decidedly odd for us to be clambering all over the metal bleachers, looking over and under and through everything, while people are sitting there watching the game.

“It’s a treasure hunt” we usually tell the curious

We also went to the library


watched movies


and discovered that a ski resort just over the mountain from us (ok, its 2 hour drive. It’s a big mountain) has one of these in their water park


Yep, a FLOW RIDER! My very favoritest thing ever in a water park!

It’s half again the width of the one at Great Wolf Lodge


This means you can stand up on the board and ride (assuming you are capable of such things, which I am totally not. yet.).  There were two guys there who did the standing ride thing and another one who did lots of hot shot tricks & they are either locals or staff, going by the conversations with the various lifeguards. 

Also unlike GWL they put a guard at the bottom of the ride & that guard gives you hints and suggestions for tricks to try while you are riding. They also drag kids who for reasons of weight or skill immediately drift over to the edge and off the ride, back into the center so they can get a better ride

Plus, if you wipe out early in your turn they LET YOU GO AGAIN!

While this is spectacular good news if you are the one riding it is kind of annoying if you are waiting in line. There doesn’t seem to be a set time limit on how long you can ride or how often you can start over so 7 people ahead of you could mean an hour long wait. Whereas at GWL it’s maybe 15 minutes. 20 at the outside.

And the flow itself isn’t as strong or maybe as deep as at GWL. I could plant my hand on the bottom surface  and hold on to do side tricks easily. At GWL the force of the water dragged it too much to hold on.

The slides were great! Long & full of interesting turns & dips giving big splashdowns.  But the line discipline was non-existent. One set of stairs led up to an open space with 5 slides leading off of it. Three required 1-3 person inner tubes to ride and 2 did not allow tubes at all. Which you needed to know at the bottom, where the tubes are kept. The open space has nothing to form or direct the queues for the slides so basically you got up there and then had to wander around while asking everyone “Are you in line for the red tube? Oh this is the green line? Are *you* in line for the red tube? And you as well? No? Well, she says *that* is the line for the green tube over there.”

I really liked their tree fort.


It actually stands in a a pool of about a foot of water and has some neat slides. Their ‘lazy river’ winds its way around it.

I’m sure it is a matter of what you are used to. If someone who only goes to this place went to GWL they would think the flow rider is too small, too fast & too short and the place is rather anal about forming proper lines for everything.

There was also baseball practice, meals out, late nights and lots of time playing Minecraft.

We had a good week for it. Unlike the poor souls currently on Spring Break, who are getting something closer to winter weather.

But no snow thankfully.

Zoom In Zoom Out

At my office this time. Working on coverage maps.

2014-04-16 10.06.082014-04-16 10.06.13

zoom in zoom out is a photo meme run by Helen

Monday Meander

Neighboring county is on spring break. Not sure why the powers that be gave us the week before last off rather than this one. Normally our break is the same time. Ah well.  There are rumors…just rumors mind you, that it might SNOW on Thursday. Yes, SNOW.  It was 83 degrees yesterday!  But temps are supposed to drop 40 degrees in the next 36 hours.. It is supposed to rain all day Tuesday, when both boys have baseball and then just keep getting colder. yay.



We are still watching The Guild on Netflix, which is hitting a little close to home these days. We are also seeing a lot of a no texting & driving commercial that has a rather odd message at the end…it’s three kids in a car chatting and the driver looks away to respond to a text and they get plowed by a semi and clearly no one survives. Very dramatic stuff. It ends with a cop saying something like “had I seen her and given her a ticket she should still be alive” or words to that effect. Not “Don’t text and Drive” which is what you would expect but some vague “pity she wasn’t ticketed” statement. Does the cop feel guilty? Don’t text and drive because you’ll make the first responders feel bad? Don’t give cops grief when they pull you over? Do they think the straightforward message won’t be heard by kids so they are slipping it in indirectly? Makes me want to talk to the ad guys who made it.


With only three days currently unscheduled this week I have plans for a pot roast (or pork roast, some kind of roast) that will provide two of those meals and then fish on Friday.  The other 4 days will be sandwiches or take & bake pizza.




Proud nerd mom moment! I passed all my 2nd edition AD&D handbooks (and I have all of them, like a dozen or so books) on to Havoc who has been spending his lunch & recess at school doing live action role playing with his friends.  He was telling me about how they were discussing whether ninja’s ‘counted’ as a class and what kind of spells a wizard can actually do & wanted to know what I thought and I said “Honey, I have the source material” and dug out the books for him. Apparently they spend the ‘extra’ class time they had after math testing Thurs & Fri going through the Players Handbook, DM’s Guide & the Warrior & Cleric Handbooks sorting out the rules of their world.

I’m so proud!

I’m reading Turtle Recall, a Discworld companion, which includes details of everything up through Snuff.  I’m also reading an assortment of books that are contemporary romances by Elle Kennedy and going through the updated & revised edition of Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day that I got from the library. I think I may buy it but am dithering over hard cover vs kindle.  I’m all about e-book novels, but I can’t quite get behind e-book cookbooks.



I had to drive through the intersection with the impending traffic circle this morning. I rarely am in that area so the ‘new traffic pattern’ signs alarmed me until I saw it was actually the old traffic pattern, just with orange cones narrowing two lane roads to one lane.  I cannot see how they are going to create a circle without actually just closing that whole intersection down and I can’t see how they would redirect traffic to do that.  I think I’ll be avoiding that intersection for the next couple months. It’s going to be ugly.

Zoom In Zoom Out

I was in DH’s office the other day when I noticed this guy on his desk.

2014-04-07 09.06.462014-04-07 09.06.53

It’s an angry traffic cone I crocheted for him a few years back.

Obviously it is not doing it’s job of keeping the paperwork organized.

zoom in zoom out is a photo meme run by Helen

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